General information UBO-register

On January 1, 2023, the Commercial Register Ordinance was effectively amended, obligating enterprises, partnerships, legal entities and trusts to register their ultimate beneficiaries in the UBO register at the Chamber of Commerce.

UBO stands for Ultimate Beneficial Owner, meaning the ultimate beneficiaries of an organization.

The UBO register is managed by the Chamber of Commerce, which is also the holder of the Trade register. The UBO register includes the UBO’s of all enterprises, partnerships, legal entities, and trusts.

The organization itself is responsible for the timely delivery of UBO data and ensuring that it is sufficient, accurate and up to date. The Chamber of Commerce verifies the timely delivery of the UBO data and examines whether it is sufficient, accurate and up to date, based on the documents that you have submitted. Only after it has been able to verify the UBO registration will it process/approve it. For further information, please see under Consequences of not registering on time, incorrectly or incompletely.


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