The managing director(s), or the legal representative(s) of NV’s and VBA’s is/are legally required to file the annual financial statements at the Aruba Chamber within 8 days after the General Shareholders’ Meeting’s approval. The annual financial statements should be ready within 8 months after the financial year is completed. Due to exceptional circumstances, this term may be extended by max. 6 months in a General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Managing directors and supervisory board members, if applicable, shall all sign the financial statements (art. 36.1 and 36.2 lvVBA). In addition to the annual financial statements, a copy of the shareholders’ register is to be filed as well. The financial statements and the shareholders’ register are not available for public inspection, unless explicitly authorized by the corporation.

Therefore, the Aruba Chamber will keep the information secured in an isolated area with limited and restricted access.

Contents of the annual financial statements

  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & loss statement
  • Notes to the balance sheet and the profit & loss statement
  • Included as attachment: copy of shareholders’ register
  • The financial year is stated in the company’s articles of incorporation.

Steps to file your annual financial statements

  1. Financial statements should be approved within 8 months after the financial year is completed.
  2. In case the company requires extension of the term, the General Meeting of Shareholders must approve the extension through a meeting and document this decision in minutes. These minutes shall be deposited in the company’s file at the Aruba Chamber.
  3. The company must then file the financial statements, a copy of the shareholders’ register at the Aruba Chamber, within 8 days after approval of the financial statements. To complete this procedure, fill form 16, sign and submit a scanned copy of the document together with the other required documents to e-mail: You can also submit a hard copy of form 16 at the Chamber’s reception desk.
  4. The Aruba Chamber will provide the company with a proof that the documents have been filed.
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