The responsibilities and institutional powers of the Chamber of Commerce Aruba

In its capacity the Chamber is required to report to the Minister of Economic Affairs and to furnish information and advice of a social, financial and economic nature in the general interest of commerce and industry. The Chamber may of its own accord give such advice and also, submit proposals or recommendations to the Minister of Economic Affairs.

Furthermore, the Chamber performs advisory tasks through its representation in advisory bodies as well as in the governing bodies of foundations and other organizations, whose purpose it is to promote, directly or indirectly, the interest of the business community, in the broadest sense.

The Chamber is officially designated the advisory body to the Minister of Economic Affairs on all applications for permits relative to the Business License Ordinance.

In addition to its advisory task, the Chamber is by law responsible for administering and supervising the Commercial Register and the Foundations Register.

The Chamber is also responsible for maintenance of a public record of the annual financial statements of those limited liability companies incorporated in Aruba (Dutch: naamloze vennootschap), which by the Commercial Code are required to file complete copies of these statements at the office of the Commercial Register.

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