It is the objective of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce to stimulate and support sustainable entrepreneurship in order to achieve sustainable socio-economic growth for our island. The Chamber aims to accomplish this objective by helping to create favorable conditions that support the development of entrepreneurship. The focus areas of the Chamber are the entrepreneur, the business environment and innovation.


“To be the primary resource center for the business community in Aruba and foster a prosperous entrepreneurial environment.”


“To foster an attractive investment and entrepreneurial environment by efficiently and effectively managing the data of registered companies in Aruba, providing relevant and evidence based guidance as well as advocating for improved legislation, government policies and public sector services.”

The entrepreneur

The Chamber supports the entrepreneur in all ways possible by increasing awareness of entrepreneurship and by offering information through personal information sessions, lectures, seminars, entrepreneurial development programs and other activities relevant to stimulating entrepreneurship.

The business environment

Improving the general infrastructure for doing business and creating a level playing field for entrepreneurs is imperative for sustainable economic growth. It is the Chamber’s responsibility to represent the interests of the business community in Aruba in general, and as such the Chamber provides advice to the Minister of Economic Affairs; both upon request and its own initiative. The Chamber is involved in a number of mixed public-private committees and keeps contact with various stakeholders.


As the world we live in is constantly changing, the Chamber sees innovation as a essential part of entrepreneurial life. Innovation is not only the way in which an entrepreneur makes use of new technologies, it is also the way the entrepreneur makes use of resources, develops new business ideas or explores new markets. The Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports the entrepreneur by creating awareness of the many options available and by helping entrepreneurs identify potential business opportunities. This awareness is created by bringing the parties involved together through various events, such as trade missions, expositions, conferences, lectures, and also through our communication channels, such as our newsletter, website and other publications. Regular personal contact is of unmeasurable value.

Aruba Chamber Tasks & Responsibilities

The Aruba Chamber was assigned as the official representative body of trade & industry in Aruba by the Governor of Aruba in 1930. The Chamber provides solicited and unsolicited information and advice of a social, financial and economic nature to the Aruba Government and the Minister of Economic Affairs in particular. In addition to its advisory obligations, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also responsible for administering and supervising the Trade Registry and the Foundations Registry.

The organization of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce & Industry

From the Chamber’s building at J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 10, Oranjestad the daily operations of the Chamber are headed by an Executive Director. The Executive Director is delegated by the Board of Directors to handle the execution of Chamber policy and the handling of all Chamber duties. The operations comprise the following departments: the Registers, Business Information and Support, the Secretariat, Information Communication Technology, Policy and the Financial Administration staffed by 19 full-time employees including the Executive Director. The Board consists of nine members, of whom five members represent businesses with an invested capital of Afl. 100,000 or more (large businesses), and four members represent small businesses. They are elected for a period of 3 years after which they can be re-elected if they choose to stay available for the Chamber’s board.

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