Trade Mission Suriname – June 24 – 28, 2024

Join the upcoming Trade Mission to Suriname from June 24 till 28, 2024, on initiative of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Communication and Sustainable Development and organized together with the Aruba Chamber of Commerce. This mission presents a fantastic opportunity to explore and leverage business opportunities across diverse industries. These include agriculture (focusing on bananas, tobacco, and hot peppers), food and beverages (such as rice, fish, beer, and rum), chemicals (including pharmaceuticals, paints, and surface cleaners), construction (encompassing cement, iron, and aluminum structures), and wood-processing industries (like among others timber and furniture).


A trade mission to Suriname offers the potential to tap into a resource-rich and upcoming market with growing economic prospects. Products from Suriname may offer competitive pricing and high quality due to favorable production conditions, including fertile land and abundant natural resources. It provides a platform for exploring new business opportunities as well as expanding business networks, while fostering international relations.

MISSION COST: Afl. 3.500,-

Included services in the mission cost:

  • Airfare (Surinam airways)
  • Hotel accommodation (4 nights, Royal Torarica) incl. breakfast
  • (Group) Transportation
  • B2B matchmaking meetings
  • Informative presentation doing business with Suriname
  • Lunch & dinners
  • Networking event including F&B
  • Full organization, planning & guidance by the Chamber of commerce Aruba


Tentative agenda for the commercial delegation



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