Presentations Business Plaza-Get Started! 2018

Business Plaza-Get Started! was held on Saturday June 30, 2018 and was the event’s 7th edition. Participants received a lot of information, advise and tips about starting a new business. Please click on the links below to view each presentation.

Digicel Aruba – Emelie Peterson, Digicel Aruba

The importance of good customer service & sales skills – Frits Israel, Doc Opleidingen

Financing possibilities – Oliver Vieira, Qredits

Business info & support – Tatiana Britten-Dubero, Aruba Chamber of Commerce

Experience of an entrepreneur – Naline Heilbron, Habon/Pica Pica. Please click here for the video that was shown to participants.

Employment agreements, do’s and dont’s – Michelle Wever & Daniel Rasmijn, HBN Law

Customs procedures & tips – Marilyn Wout & Maribel Leerdam-Nuboer, Douane Aruba

Workshop: Social media tactics for small & local businesses – Diederik Kemmerling, The Lab

Workshop: Financial & administrative guidance – Henna Thode, HFT Treasury & Accounting Services

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