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Aruba August 17, 2018 Meet the New Bosses: How These Entrepreneurs Under 20 Are Changing Industries

The next generation isn't coming. It's already here. These are nine young entrepreneurs, including our September issue cover star, worth watching.

Alina Morse conceived of, Zollipops after, at age seven, she learned that lollipops are bad for teeth -- setting her off on a quest for tooth-friendly versions. More than 100 trials later, she and her dad had it: They replaced sugar with natural sweeteners like xylitol and erythritol, which have been shown to reduce plaque and oral bacteria. Whole Foods picked up their line, her pops (followed by taffy and hard candy) became chart-toppers on Amazon, and Alina discovered a knack for TV appearances -- perfectly mixing cute-kid and business talk into attention-grabbing segments on the likes of Good Morning America and The Steve Harvey Show. “I really didn’t see the risk, because I felt like I had nothing to lose,” she says. Now her candy is sold in 7,500 stores, is projected to drive $5 million to $6 million in retail sales this year, and both her parents technically work for her -- her mom as “stylist and schedule organizer,” and her dad as manager, as well as co-salesman at trade shows. (Zollipops now has a team of six full-time employees, along with several independent contractors.) It’s heady stuff, but Alina, now 13, already has a mind towards work-life balance. “Sometimes my friends will tell me they saw me on television, but other than that, I’m just like everyone else,” Alina says. “That’s how I want to be.” (To read more about Alina, who's on our September cover, check out How This 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Built a Multi-Million Dollar Candy Company.)