Mr. Timesaver: a local success story

Aruba, July 12, 2019 – With business doubling every year since inception 3.5 years ago, Mr. Timesaver is on course to become number 1 dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service in The Netherlands. We met with founders Kevin Zara (31) and Xayenne Tromp (30) to learn about their journey.

How it all started
Kevin and Xayenne moved to The Netherlands 11 years ago from sunny Aruba. After graduating from the Rotterdam Business School and doing a masters in Entrepreneurship, Kevin got a job at an oil & gas company. His busy working schedule and short opening hours of the dry cleaners made it impossible for him to get his clothes dry cleaned. Xayenne was still studying at the time, so she took on the task of bringing Kevin’s clothes to a dry cleaner. However, she soon got tired of it. There just had to be a better way. From their personal need, the idea of Mr. Timesaver was born.

Analyzing the market
Kevin gave notice to his employer and in the months that followed, Kevin and Xayenne invested time and resources in market research to avoid entering the market blindfolded. They analyzed opening hours of traditional dry cleaners, potential target groups and areas.

They decided to focus on The Hague and surroundings, because of its large expat population. “The Dutch like to keep things the way they are.” explains Xayenne. It would take time before the locals would be convinced to give Mr. Timesaver a shot. “For expats, the pick-up and delivery dry cleaning service is quite normal, especially for people from US and UK. It is something they are used to back at home but miss when they move to The Netherlands.” adds Kevin.

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