Aruba, November 28, 2019 – BioConnect is pleased to announce our new innovation hub, BioConnect Labs. For the past decade, BioConnect has been a leader in creating world-class biometric solutions for over 900 customers and 60 partnerships. Our mission is to enable trust in the connected world – using biometrics to secure people, spaces, and digital transactions for the companies we serve. BioConnect Labs has been 2 years in the making, backed by our customers and supported by Canadian FedDev investment of 3.9 Million dollars. Labs builds on our proven R&D growth engine, inspiring continued innovation in biometric security with our customers and partners. BioConnect Labs is comprised of our customers, partners, universities and government investments to fund innovation. We have assembled a team of cross-functional experts focused on developing new and custom solutions alongside partners from the ideation stage through incubation, development and beyond.

BioConnect is led by Head of Labs, Todd Finch and Technology Head, BioConnect CTO and CISO, Courtney Gibson.

“BioConnect has an amazing culture of innovation that has fueled a passion to deliver world-class customer-centric solutions in the biometric security industry for over a decade,” said Finch. “With the launch of BioConnect Labs, we can accelerate new innovations and custom solutions for our customers and partners by leveraging Bioconnect’s platform and thought leadership with today’s emerging technologies, the possibilities are limitless”

“BioConnect’s vision is to build better security – for people, for the places they work, and for the work that they do in the digital world. Our partnerships have allowed us to create some truly-unique solutions – ranging from automated assistants for physical access control to using modern IT tools to control both doors and desktops,” says Gibson. “All of this is driven by an amazing team of innovators drawn from across the physical- and the digital-security landscape: experts in biometrics, digital security, physical security, hardware and data science.”

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