About the event

The Aruba Chamber Business Event is an annual event where local entrepreneurs gather to network, learn amongst business minded people and enhance their business development. The theme for this year’s event is “How to build a resilient business for the future”. During the event, we will elaborate on different topics and trends, all relevant to the current economic situation and forecast.

  1. Build and maintain a motivated team within your organization
  2. Find inspiration from your peers
  3. Structure your organization with new strategies and innovation


Date: Saturday, September 24, 2022
Time: 9am – 12:30pm (including network break)
Location: Renaissance Convention Center
Price: Early bird AWG 125,- / General tickets: AWG 150,-
Dress code: Business casual


Keynote Speakers

Jacob Brown

Jacob is a former professional athlete turned entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and writer. He is also the Co-Founder of Varlo, a cycling and triathlon apparel brand. Jacob is mostly known for his LinkedIn persona, where he has grown a following under his #FailForward motivational posts, coaching, and inspirational videos. Jacob now travels globally speaking to corporations, colleges, and sports teams about how to take failure and turn it into fuel. He is a family man – a husband of one and a father of four.

Jake’s mission is simple: Fail Forward! Read more about Jacob Brown on: https://failforwardbrown.com/failforward/


Martin de Boer


Kick Starter and Serial Entrepreneur, Martin de Boer knows how to manage multiple complex projects on the fly and knows how to bend this complexity into success. He’s an Experienced Online Marketeer, with extensive experience as Commercial Director at Corendon Curacao, and Sales Director at EuroParcs. Martin will inspire you with Corendon Curacao’s success-story on how they had to make drastic changes to survive the COVID crisis. Get a clear international vision on marketing with this friendly, down-to-earth guy.


Henry van den Berg

With over 20 years of experience in the financial service industry, Henry van den Berg is an expert in business development, finance, pension, and investments. After working in Banking and Investment Banking, Sales, and Life Pension Activities for over 10 years, Henry joined ENNIA in early 2015 as the Managing Director of the Aruba office and quickly contributed to the increase of ENNIA’s profitability. Over the past seven years, Henry has led the team at ENNIA and transformed ENNIA Aruba to one of the leading insurance companies in Aruba.

Henry has his bachelor’s in economics from the University of Groningen and master’s in science from the University of Curaçao. Known as a solution minded person that loves to ‘think outside the box’, Henry is quick to find simple solutions in distinctive ways! During the Aruba Chamber Business Event, Henry will share his knowledge and experience on Business Development and give you a fresh perspective on how to look at your organizations and the innovations you want to implement. “Trying to be innovative in an industry that originated in 1750 B.C. seems almost impossible…but it can be done!” 


Romilde van Commenée

Romilde is an expert in the field of leadership and team dynamics. After years of leading teams and guiding change processes, she founded her own company in 2012. From that moment on, she decided to help other entrepreneurs to be successful in leading their teams. Author of ‘Happy Leader’, a book that teaches you how to successfully manage a team, so that you take back control, create peace and maintain an overview.


Get inspired by business inspiration stories, gain knowledge and expertise about the organizational setup and structure of a company as well as team positivity and how the company copes with continuous innovation requirements and their overall experience with valuable tips!


This year’s Aruba Chamber Business Event is possible, thanks to the support we have received by our main sponsors, CMB and ENNIA.



For more information, please contact us: businessinfo@arubachamber.com, tel.: 5821566 ext. 35/30/42.



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