3 Ways to inspire innovation from remote teams

Aruba, April 14, 2020 – Covid-19’s forced shift to working from home offers an opportunity for small businesses to discover their next big idea.

While Covid-19 has forced most knowledge-work environments to embrace the work from home (WFH) work style, this temporary need gives many small businesses an opportunity to rethink something far more profound about their cultures.

You have the opportunity to re imagine the balance between collaboration (the work you do together) and productivity (the work you do alone) to usher in a new renaissance of individual productivity.

Why is this? The simple answer is the modern company is a lousy place to think. Open office environments, the cultural need to embrace the idea “I exist because my calendar is booked full of back-to-back meetings,” and the overt drive for greater collaboration all conspire to ensure we never, ever, have a moment to actually think.
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