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2019-01 January till December Etnia Nativa Native Aruban Art Gallery and Museum

Open for tours in 2019 on dates: January 26th; February 23rd; March 30th; April 27th; May 25th; June 29th; July 27th; August 31st; September 28th; October 26th; November 30th and December 28th. Visits trough appointment is also possible

Venue: Etnia Nativa Native, Aruban Art Gallery and Museum.

Our "Aruba beyond beaches" experience is created and presented through recollection of materials and information from local connoisseurs and weathered Island experts.

Last but not least; we would be very honored if the Aruban community and tourists could accept our courtesy tour for a personal experience. Our mind opening presentation regarding past and recent inhabitants and it`s bio history is at your service.

For more information: Flyer, Information.