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2018-11 November 16 & 17 - Sustainable Trade Expo

Date: November 16 & 17, 2018

Hilton Hotel Curacao

The Sustainable Trade Expo aims to inform producers, businesses and the general public on sustainable options for their everyday use.

I Am Made in is a platform to give more visibility to producers and connects everybody with creators that are conscious on their effect on our planet, economy and balance everyday life. The focus is on the planet, people and profit

At the Expo the following information will be share:
- biodegradable products (utensils, cleaning)
- recycled products
- reused materials and options
- the economy of sustainability
- and we will show movies on the environment & sustainability

Our aim is to better our positive environmental impact by limiting the use of chemical, plastic, high polluting products and increasing the use of sustainable work methods and products.