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Aruba, November 29, 2016 - The death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro has investors starting to salivate about the possibility of big U.S. companies soon being able to do a lot more business in Cuba.

Shares of the Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund (CUBA), a fund that invests in companies with sizable operations in nations in the Caribbean region, surged more than 10% Monday.
Cuba, of course, is a Caribbean nation. And all you need to do is check out the ticker symbol for the fund to get a sense of why it was red hot: CUBA.
Investors may be feverishly calling their brokers to get in on the Cuba action. But are they getting ahead of themselves?
Yes, the CUBA fund has investments in several U.S. stocks that could (emphasis on could) benefit from more normalized relations with Cuba.
For example, the CUBA fund's top holding is MasTec (MTZ), a construction services business based in South Florida that was founded by an anti-Castro Cuban immigrant, the late Jorge Mas Canosa. The business is now led by his sons.
Cruise line operators Royal Caribbean (RCL), Norwegian (NCLH) and Carnival (CCL) are all among the fund's top 10 holdings as well. So Is Copa Holdings (CPA), a Latin American airline based in Panama.