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Aruba, January 24, 2018 - How Smart Tech And PBM Are Shaping The Future Of Digital Marketing

Since being founded in 2012, Bounce Exchange has swiftly grown to become a leader in cloud-based behavioral marketing and analytics software.
Their proprietary technology has been adopted by marketers looking to shift their strategy, moving away from audience segmentation and fragmented targeting to building more complete profiles of their consumers. Based on these robust profiles, marketers can execute direct marketing efforts and curated personal experiences rooted in holistic behavioral patterns, instead of focusing on very nuanced lifestyles and interests.
In August of 2016, Inc. named BounceX the fastest growing software company in the United States, ranking the startup seventh overall on the Inc. 5000. In just three years, the company experienced an astonishing 14,500% spike in revenue. Their technology currently powers thousands of digital properties, trusted by global giants such as Lufthansa, Sears, Uniqlo, Hearst Properties and Comcast.
I spoke with Bounce Exchange Co-Founder Ryan Urban about emerging trends, new methods for tracking consumer behavior and the future of digital marketing in 2018.

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