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Aruba, February 20, 2017 - The UK economy would take a £328 million hit if all migrant workers downed tools for a single day, new research suggests.

The nation's GDP would fall 4% if all non-Brits stopped working for 24 hours, according to the research by the New Economics Foundation (NEF).
It also said institutions like the NHS, which employ large numbers of immigrant workers, "would be unable to function".
It comes as thousands of people are due to take part in 1 Day Without Us, a pro-migrant "day of action" showing how much immigrants contribute to the country.
Marc Stears, the NEF chief executive, said: "Britain has a long and proud tradition of openness to people from overseas and our research conclusively shows that migrants have more than repaid for the welcome they have received.
"Our future as a country depends on the economic, cultural and social contribution that migrants make. As countries all around the world succumb to the siren call of populism, we need to remember that contribution and to celebrate it."

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