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Presentations Business Plaza - Get Started; July 6, 2013
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On Saturday July 6, 2013, The Aruba Chamber organised for the second time the Business Plaza - Get Started, an event for everyone who has a business idea or recently started a company.

To view the presentations of the different speakers, please click on the titles below.

* Mrs. Gina Habibe - Aruba Bank - Start small, grow smart with Aruba Bank

* Mrs. Sonja Velthuizen - Aruba Chamber - How to start a business

* Ms. Roxanne Wolff - Aruba Chamber - How to start a business

* Mrs. Mary Baarh - DEACI - Business establishment permits

* Mr. Patrick Melchiors - The Marketing Department - How to market your business & attract clients

* Mr. Anthony Croes - Plus Accountants - Bookkeeping for starters

* Mr. Jeffrey La Rosa - My Cakes Cafe - Experience of a starting entrepreneur

* Mrs. Maria Ridderstaat - Bureau of Intellectual Property - Understanding trade marks & trade names

* Mr. Benno Oldenhof - Atlas Consultancy - Basic tax principles for business owners