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Presentations Business Plaza - Step Forward!
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Saturday January 19th, 2013 the Chamber held its 2nd edition of the Business Plaza., this time focusing on the existing entrepreneur. Participants received expert information on different aspects concerning business growth. Below you will find the PowerPoint presentations that have been given during Business Plaza: Step Forward!

Presentation by the Chamber - Leo Maduro - Executive Director Aruba Chamber

  1. Expansion and change of legal forms - Notary Hilde Rodriguez-Taekema
  2. Strategic Marketing & Social Media - Frits Israël - iD Aruba
  3. Sustainable & Effective HRM for entrepreneurs in a shifting economy - Ryan Maduro
  4. Financial decisions for smart investment - Ryan Kock – Atlas
  5. Going Green: the benefits for your company - Freddy Vargas - Elmar
  6. Care for employees - Enrita Werleman - E-con
  7. To grow your business internationally you need a firm basis – Deloitte
  8. Study Aruba as a gateway - Ernst & Young
  9. Aruba gateway for Latin America - PwC
  10. Sustainable Business Growth - KPMG