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Lunch meeting about Recognition of prior learning and achievement
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Date:       December 5th, 2011
Time:       12.00 – 2 pm
Location: Chamber of Commerce, Auditorium

For companies that want to stimulate professionalism and career growth among their employees, the Department of Education together with Colegio EPI, Openbare Avondleergangen (OAA), Chamber of Commerce and Department of Labor, sets up a procedure to recognize prior learning and to realize tailor-made educational programs that lead to a formal recognized diploma.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Achievement (in Dutch better known as Erkennen van Verworven Competenties, EVC) is an internationally accepted assessment-process to promote adult education and lifelong learning. On Aruba a first pilot project is starting in 2012. EVC measures in a standardized way what the knowledge and skills of an employee are in a certain area. The outcome is compared to a set of criteria, based on the outcomes of a regular vocational school program. The whole procedure takes about 3 months (from February – May 2012) and results in tailor-made programs at Colegio EPI and OAA, starting in August 2012. The study load of a training program may be lightened with credits that an employee (student) obtains through the EVC process for proven knowledge and skills.

This system makes it possible to upgrade employees with a lot of knowledge and experience in a faster and more satisfying way, as they don’t have to learn again what they already know. The first pilot for EVC is directed at 3 job groups:
- Culinary arts (EPI)
- Eerste Monteur Sterkstroominstallaties (EPI)
- Koude techniek (OAA)

If you or your employees, would be interested and like to participate, please attend the free lunch meeting at December 5, at the Chamber of Commerce for more information. Directie Onderwijs, Colegio EPI and Openbare Avondleergangen will be there for you.

For more information or to register, please contact Marian Abath-Nieskens, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it