Presentations Business Plaza-Step Forward! January 14, 2017

On Saturday January 14, 2017, the Aruba Chamber held its annual event for existing entrepreneurs, Business Plaza-Step Forward! Please click on the links below to view the presentations that were given by invited professionals.

Success Drivers for Effective Digital Marketing - Mr. Rasheed Girvan

Expansion story of an entrepreneur - Mrs. Lisette Malmberg

Introduction to Sales Forecasting - Mr. Herbert Diaz

Bitcoins - Mr. Stefan Oosterwaal

Pay your taxes with a smile! - Mr. Ryan Kock

Wellness at work - Mr. Edwin Jacobs

Healthy eating at work - Mrs. Malyce Meelis-Koolman

The truth about drinking water - Mrs. Shameeza van Loon

Requirements to register a director for legal entities - Mrs. Jacqueline Holmond-Montsanto & Mrs. Sonja Velthuizen