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A little known fact is that October is Women’s Small Business Month. There’s no denying that women entrepreneurs have come a long way. Some say gender discrimination continues to hold them back. According to a survey conducted by Women Presidents' Organization, nearly half of women-led business owners say they're on level playing field with men in business. But 41 percent of those polled said men have the upper hand, while another 6 percent cite inequities with men only as far as accessing capital is concerned, says the survey.

This type of struggle can certainly have a chilling effect, but it just makes women work harder. Businesses are very competitive, and you have to show that you've been successful at delivering for your clients. In the end, results count. According to the president of a technology consultancy in the US, being a woman can sometimes also be an advantage in business. "Some people respond better to women than to men," she says. "In today's marketplace, it is less about women being disadvantaged over men than it is about knowing how to adjust and respond to people's tastes."

At this year's Small Business Expo in New York City, women entrepreneurs unleashed their own secrets to success. Let their stories inspire you too,

Congratulations to all Women Entrepreneurs!