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Aruba, July 5, 2016 - Vacations are a great way to disconnect and gain a fresh perspective. Though most people say they love to go on vacations, a majority of workers don't take advantage of their time off, and if they do, work is still a priority. According to a recent survey by Funding Circle, a marketplace lender, many small business owners won't be taking much time off, if any at all. Thirty-three percent of those surveyed planned to take no more than five vacation days during the entire year. Furthermore, when asked how many times work emails are checked during their vacation, approximately 30 percent of small business owners admitted to checking at least once a day, and 40 percent confessed to checking emails multiple times per day. 

The impact of disconnecting
Research shows that not taking sufficient time away from your work is bad for your health. The advantages, however, are plentiful: Taking a vacation can lower stress levels, improve creativity, decrease the chance of heart disease, improve fitness and extend life expectancy, according to Matador Network.
Though you get time on the weekends to decompress, between the time you spend on family responsibilities and household needs, the weekends may not be enough, said Jon Loew, founder and CEO of video messaging platform KeepTree.  
"Companies expect more from their employees than ever, so a week-long vacation is the perfect opportunity to recharge," Loew told Business News Daily.