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Aruba, January 29, 2015 - TripAdvisor Mobile Strategy: Forget Ads On Those Tiny Screens, Instead Optimize For Clicks And Commissions“

We are a company that thinks constantly how to improve the traveler experience. We were born with the vision that users could plan a perfect trip,” explains Stephen Kaufer, President and CEO of TripAdvisor TRIP -0.4% in a recent interview.

Through both in-house innovation and acquisitions, TripAdvisor has launched numerous enhancements to its services in the last several months. The most profound of these is on the TripAdvisor platform with Instant Booking that allows travelers to immediately book their choice of hotel or attraction within the app. “And now we are moving forward into helping you book the right trip–the Instant Booking to finish the transaction, and the right trip through personalizing it for who you are and what you are looking for.”  The company mission has iterated significantly since its incorporation in February 2000– almost exactly 15 years ago.  “It has been ‘plan the perfect trip,’ but now it’s ‘plan and book the perfect trip.’”
Challenges of the small screen and complex transactions
Kaufer believes Instant Booking will help with structural shortcomings in its core functionality. For the traveler, the company wanted to deliver a better experience, particularly on the phone, where 40% of the company’s traffic comes from.