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Aruba, October 31, 2014 - Retailers forecast to get £330m boost from Halloween as pumpkins, decorations and costumes in demand. Get carving the pumpkins and don your witch’s hat- Britain’s growing fondness for Halloween means celebrations this Friday are expected to be among the biggest ever seen.
Retailers are forecast to enjoy a £330m boost from the event once known as All Hallows Eve, up 3.5% on last year according to analysts at Planet Retail. “It represents remarkable growth when compared to the £12m value of the UK Halloween goods market in 2001,” the analysts’ report said.
This year almost two-thirds of people in Britain are expected to celebrate Halloween in some way, according to research by analysts Conlumino. The event, which has grown in popularity in the UK thanks to the influence of American films and sitcoms now easily accounts for more spending than Bonfire Night.
All Hallows Eve began as a Christian festival seen as a time to remember the dead. But the festival is also thought to have pagan roots, linked to festivals marking the end of the harvest or the beginning of winter. It has been a large event in the US for decades, where whole neighbourhoods turn out for trick or treating. The trend in the UK is also focused on children, with two in five British parents buying sweets for trick-or-treating according to Mintel.