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Aruba, December 12, 2013 – Last Tuesday, all entrepreneurs and managing directors registered at the Aruba Chamber of Commerce had the opportunity to cast their vote in the Aruba Chamber’s board elections. 
There were three positions available, which were two for the small businesses representative and one position as the representative for large enterprises. Each year one third of the Chamber’s board, which consists of nine members, is stepping down, either to pass their seat to a successor or to be a contender in the elections, if they choose to be re-eligible. The board consists of five representatives of large businesses and four representing small businesses.
In the small business category, Mrs. Julissa Arends Hoevertsz and Mrs. Daphne Agius Cesareo-Lejuez were elected as new members. And in the large enterprise category, Mr. Omar Tromp, currently vice president of the Chamber, was re-elected.
During last Tuesday’s election, 126 entrepreneurs voted for their small business representative and in the large enterprise category, a total of 91 casted their vote. The newly elected board members will form part of the Chamber’s board from January 1, 2014 thru December 31, 2016. 
After the election
After all votes have been counted, the election committee will write a report of the results, which will be sent to the Aruba Chamber. The Chamber will send this report to the Minister of Economic Affairs. The results are made public through the local media. And for the enthusiasts, a duplicate of the report will be made available for public inspection at the Chamber.
The candidates will receive a written notification of the election results and those who were elected board member receive a summary of the report from the election committee. The newly elected board members are to accept the position within 5 days. If the election committee does not receive anything, it will assume the candidate has not accepted his elected board position.
Finally, a letter of credence will be sent to the Chamber’s board for approval and a background check of the new members will be conducted. After the research is concluded, the elected candidates are notified of the decision. A notification is also sent to the Minister and the election committee.
If the elected candidate does not agree with the decision, he may counter-plea the decision at the Court of First Instance. The clerk of the Court will announce the Court’s decision immediately to the candidate. A duplicate of the decision will then be sent to the election committee and the Aruba Chamber.
In case the court’s decision was not to admit the new elected candidate, a new election must follow for the vacant position, and any other vacant positions. 
After the Chamber’s board has admitted the newly elected candidates, they will be invited for a board meeting, the first meeting in the year for which they were elected. During this meeting the board will elect the new president and vice president for the coming year and then it’s time for these business reps to roll up their sleeves and start their work for the local business community.