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Aruba, March 28, 2012 - At McDonald's, 24 percent of its frequent customers report being either unhappy or very unhappy with their health. While most Americans are happy with their family, friends and home life, more than one in five Americans are unhappy with their health.

According to a new survey conducted by consumer-focused information site BIGinsight, those who frequent certain fast-food restaurants are even less happy with their health than the average American. 24/7 Wall St. examined the results of the survey to identify the fast-food chains with the most-unhealthy customers.

24/7 Wall St.: Fast-food chains with the most unhealthy customers

Customers of four of the eight largest fast-food restaurants report a higher rate of being either totally unhappy or somewhat unhappy with their health than the general population. Not surprisingly, the fast-food diners who are most unhappy with their health also report other relatively unhealthy habits. Customers of three of the four restaurants also report among the lowest rates of exercising regularly among all major fast-food chains. McDonald’s, whose customers are the most unhappy with their health, has the lowest rate of customers who exercise regularly.

The four restaurants with the most-unhealthy customers also have the lowest rates of customers who watch their caloric intake. Three have among the lowest rates of customers watching their fat intakes. This behavior does not mix well with a diet that includes a number of fast-food meals.

However, not all fast-food restaurants have unhealthy customers

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