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Aruba, December 28, 2011 - It’s no secret that the 2000s were a rough time for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. As compared to the booming 1990s, where credit was cheap and readily available, IPOs drove the NYSE to new heights and US patents dominated innovation, the 2000s have been a bust for many stary-eyed VCs and entrepreneurs. Sure, we still have the Zuckerbergs, and Google sits poised to rule the world–but for the rest of us, the credit crunch and plunge in consumer confidence has made it very difficult for entrepreneurs to receive funding the past decade.

But optimism springs eternal in the startup world (otherwise why would we even bother?), and after weathering one heck of a recession, signs point to a (tempered) revival of US entrepreneurship and VC growth in 2012. Winter is coming…but so is another fiscal year, this time with better economic indicators across the board. For the first time in nearly five years entrepreneurship outlook in the US is looking up:
There is a silver lining that bodes well for entrepreneurship in 2012 and beyond. While it may sound counter-intuitive, the US economic free-fall has created a new class of hardened entrepreneurs–simply out of necessity. In these uncertain times, this new class of entrepreneurs has hardened themselves, becoming more independent and more ambitious. I call it the “Honey Badger Syndrome,” which in these trying financial times, forces a driven business person to “takes what he/she wants” directly and side-step the corporate ladder.

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