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The Chamber’s board election for 2011 is upcoming again. Eligible as a voter are persons who have legal residence in Aruba, have the Dutch citizenship and must appear in the Chamber’s registry at least a year before the date of establishing the voters’ list, which is July 31, 2011. View also article 3 of the State Ordinance on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the additional eligibility criteria.

The Chamber’s board consists of 9 members, of whom 5 members represent businesses with an invested capital of Afl. 100,000.- or more (Grootbedrijf), and 4 members with a smaller invested capital (Kleinbedrijf). An extract of both the voters’ list for Grootbedrijf and for Kleinbedrijf is now available on the Chamber’s website and will appear in the Official Gazette (Landscourant) of July 29, 2011. Viewing of the complete listing of voters’ information is possible at the premises of the Chamber. Prior to these lists becoming official all persons registered in the Trade Registry have the right to request a correction of these lists and must do so before August 15, 2011.

Said request must be made in writing and may relate to the following circumstances: (i) the petitioner and/or a third person does not appear on the list; (ii) the information of the petitioner and/or a third person mentioned on the list is incorrect; (iii) the petitioner and/or a third person should not appear on the list due to incompliance with one or more of the criteria as stipulated in article 3 of the State Ordinance on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For any questions, an appointment for viewing of the complete listing or for submitting your petition for correction please use of our feedback form.