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September 8th, 2011 - Last Tuesday participants of the entrepreneurial development course, Successful Entrepreneurs, received their certificates during an official ceremony. The course was designed for people aspiring to start their own business and it focused on the practical aspects of being an entrepreneur. At the end of the five-months course the participants had to present a business plan for evaluation.

The Aruba Chamber provided a 1000 florin award for the best business plan, of which Mrs. Astrid de Weever-Winterdal was the winner. Herewith the Chamber wants to emphasize the importance of a good business plan at any stage of the business life cycle and to provide seed money for a business startup.

The President of the Chamber, Mr. Jamal Khan Mahawat, addressed the participants in his speech saying that the most important factor in the career of a business(wo)man is to have a good name as it means to have integrity and to win the trust and loyalty of clients and partners. Afterwards, Minister Arthur Dowers congratulated the participants and presented them with their graduation certificate.

Successful Entrepreneurs started as pilot project, as part of an adult education program and was an initiative of EPI Unit Economia, the Department of Education, ATIA and the Aruba Chamber. The Minister of Justice and Education provided financial support to Successful Entrepreneurs.