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Aruba, September 20, 2018 The less-obvious risk often is the most dangerous. Protecting your company and personal assets starts with understanding real versus

Your worst nightmare might not be launched from an Eastern European boiler room full of cybergeniuses wielding stolen NSA exploits. It could come from the desk of a teenager in middle America -- and she might cause more damage to your company than you imagined possible.

Attacks can come from anywhere, at any time. How can you know if you're deploying the right defenses? The most important question to ask may also be the simplest: Who poses the greatest real risk to my business?

Think beyond traditional threats.

Conversations about cybersecurity tend to focus narrowly on technical attacks, such as zero-days or high-end exploit kits. But these represent only small portion of the spectrum of risk. What about the damage to reputation, intellectual property and revenue that can result from cyberbullying, doxxing, trolling and other activities? They may not fit the classic profile, but the threat they pose can be just as real. As Facebook CSO Alex Stamos points outthe line between online harassment and hacking is blurring rapidly.

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