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Aruba, September 2, 2016 - Small businesses need all of the help they can get, and Terry Hicks, chief product officer at Infusionsoft, certainly lends a hand. Hicks comes from a very strong leadership background at Intuit, where he grew QuickBooks Online by almost 100 percent and built Intuit’s payments business from nothing into $600 million. His driving force powers Infusionsoft’s product strategy, product management, payments, and business development. He also leads Infusionsoft’s marketplace of apps and services.

But what Hicks does exceedingly well is put the customer first. His passion for entrepreneurs and commitment to the success of small businesses is evident within moments of conversation. It was obvious to me in our interview that the natural progression of Hicks’ leadership is to teach his team how to summon success from each customer they serve.
I was able to catch up with Hicks and learn more about his continued success, and how his transition to Infusionsoft has progressed:
When did you start at Infusionsoft? I started at Infusionsoft in July 2015. Before I was at Infusionsoft, I spent 15 years at Intuit, mostly in the small business group. I helped to start a payments business there, led product management for payroll, led product management for the entire small business group, and was the general manager of QuickBooks Desktop. Then I moved over to the Global Business division and worked on globalizing QuickBooks Online and many of our products so we could take them outside of the US into other countries. The last two years I was at Intuit I was the vice president and general manager of QuickBooks Online.
Looking at it from the outside, what things were immediately apparent to you when you moved to Infusionsoft? My immediate impression of Infusionsoft, the product, was, “Wow, this is a really powerful piece of software that does a lot for automating sales and marketing.” But I could see that we needed to streamline the getting started experience so customers could get that great power much more easily, and shorten the time it takes to get the benefit of the software.