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Aruba, September 18, 2015 - New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wasted no time signaling his intentions after claiming victory over Tony Abbott this week.

In his victory speech, Turnbull talked about the importance of agility, disruption and innovation for our economic future, and the importance of Australian business being able to leverage the many opportunities in the changing world rather than trying to future-proof ourselves against it.
While it remains to see how this will play out in a policy sense, it was an important message with deep resonance for the business community broadly, and specifically for Australia’s renewable energy sector.
Rooftop solar power in particular has been a disruptive technology in the energy sector over the last seven years, with close to 1.5 million households installing the technology along with more than 15,000 businesses. And affordable home energy storage is just around the corner, which will disrupt the status quo still further.
Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton said the renewable energy industry had  endured a challenging and frustrating period under former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
“Australia’s world-leading renewable resources – our sun, wind and water – provide a huge economic opportunity for Australia that can deliver jobs and investment to regional communities throughout the country,” he said.
“The potential of this promising sector clearly aligns with the economic aspirations the new Prime Minister has outlined, and we anticipate a more supportive approach that will attract the multi-billion dollar private investment that the rest of the world is realising from renewable energy.”