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Aruba, November 13, 2012 - With this year’s slogan Quien dijo miedo (Who is afraid?) Costa Rica is ready for Global Entrepreneurship Week. The phrase is one of the most commonly used phrases by Costa Rican entrepreneurs when they start their business; facing challenges or simply to express their courage.

GEW in Costa Rica is in its second year and is already seeing huge growth. With 70 activities and more than 10,000 estimated participants, it will more than double last year’s figures. This year’s GEW in Costa Rica has set up to put a spotlight on the successful Costa Rican entrepreneurs. They not only want to showcase the entrepreneurs to the average citizen but they also want to highlight the avenues.

This year GEW will have a number of large scale activities starting with the launch event for GEW with Costa Rican president Laura Chinchilla as a keynote speaker. Other activities include a Startup Weekend and the finals of the Business Plan Competition Yo Emprendedor, among others. Last year’s Yo Emprendedor winner will be participating in the GEW Featured Event, the Cleantech Open 2012. For this year’s GEW all of Costa Rica will celebrate with activities in rural communities, focusing in women entrepreneurs, public and private schools, universities, companies and the government.

There are a few challenges that Costa Rica faces in order to have a healthy, vibrant and efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem. There needs to be work done to get Costa Ricans to accept failure as a learning mechanism and entrepreneurship as a way of life. We need to develop funding resources to help startups get there seed capital more easily. Costa Rica also needs to improve the infrastructure and red tape bureaucracy that is slowing down entrepreneurial growth. Finally they require stronger partnerships between the private sector,

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