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Aruba, April 16, 2018 - In March, Portugal Made More Than Enough Renewable Energy To Power The Whole Country

Last month, Portugal produced more than enough renewable energy to meet the country's entire electrical demand — a feat "unmatched in the last 40 years," according to the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association, or APREN, says.
The group says renewable power produced in March was equal to 103.6 percent of electrical demand on mainland Portugal. (Portugal also includes several islands, which have separate energy systems.)
Fifty-five percent of that energy was produced through hydro power, while 42 percent came from wind.
The country still used fossil fuels to balance out supply and demand.
"There were some hours when thermal fossil power plants and/or imports were required to complement the electricity supply of Portugal," APREN writes. "These periods were nevertheless fully compensated by others of greater renewable production."
And APREN expects that this pattern — of relying almost exclusively on renewable resources, with fossil fuels only as an occasional back-up — will grow more common.
"It is expected that by 2040 the production of renewable electricity will be able to guarantee, in a cost-effective way, the total annual electricity consumption of Mainland Portugal," APREN writes.