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Aruba, November 6, 2017 - Google Has A Big Fake WhatsApp Problem -- Here's Why

Google just can't keep scammers out of the Play store.
More than one million people downloaded a fake WhatsApp application last week, but that was just the tip of a dirty iceberg, according to security researchers who've been warning about the problem for years. And in the last year alone, Google has seen apps that look very much like the real thing - from WhatsApp to Facebook, Instagram and many more - but are in fact frauds looking to make a quick buck for the developer.
While the fake WhatsApp (now removed by Google and the developer banned) is believed to have reached the most downloads for such a copycat this year, according to security experts crooked developers have found their way onto the market all too often.
Fooling Google with 'clever characters'
And they're particularly fond of making copies of WhatsApp. Going back to 2013, security firm Eleven Paths was warning about a fake WhatsApp that contained adware (software that draws views and clicks for ads, thereby making developers pushing the advertisements money).
Eleven Paths security researcher Sergio de los Santos said that whilst Google has patented tech to improve detection of rogue apps, the fraudsters have found new ways to get their software on the official market, and thereby guarantee better download rates.