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Aruba, September 11, 2017 - Millennials care about how altruistic their employers are. But an annual donation to a favourite charity won't cut it.

They want their company to be active in their corporate social responsibility (CSR), new research shows.
The study found most graduates considered and organisation's CSR commitments when deciding where to work.
Sustainable Business Council executive director Abbie Reynolds said businesses could take inspiration from social enterprises.
"Social enterprises could transform the way we do business. Around the world, they are growing in number, success, customers and in new markets," Reynolds said.
"Business can be a real force for good in the world, and social enterprises embody that, using business ideas in service to improving social or environmental outcomes."
A Deloitte Millennial survey conducted last year, which had 7700 responses from 29 countries, found almost all of those surveyed believed the success of a business should be measured in more terms than just financial performance.
More than half said they ruled out working for organisations based on company values.
The challenge for any company implementing a CSR programme is to create one that simultaneously appeals to employee's passions, aligns with business goals, addresses critical community issues and delivers measurable social impacts Reynolds said.