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Aruba, February 3, 2017 - What Capability for Innovation Should Every Graduate Develop?

Innovation, the process of creating lasting value by the successful mobilization of new ideas, is a critical capability if we are to address social, environmental and economic needs. Most of our work in higher education related to developing innovation capability focused on developing Innovation Leadership with a select cadre of students, originally in entrepreneurship and more recently including social sector innovation.
What about the rest of our graduates: for example, what capability do all our graduates need to engage effectively with innovation in their workplaces – with innovation practices for individuals and teams and with innovation processes for their organizations? Which elements of this capability can be adapted to enhance their other roles, as community members and global citizens?
Our current working definition of capability for Workplace Innovation has two complementary aspects:
Enabled for Innovation, by developing the capability to engage effectively with workplace innovation practices (integrating conceptual understanding, practical skills and productive mindsets)
Enabled by Innovation, in experiential learning opportunities embedded in our instructional designs, in our academic programs, and in work-integrated learning in partner workplaces.